Misguided Beliefs About Tree Care

arborist services redbankDo you know that there are some misguided beliefs when it comes to tree care that can just potentially waste your money? Here are some three care myths that you might have heard:

Topping is good for trees. Drastically cutting the tree branches which remove many of its leaves is unhealthy for a tree and may even become hazardous. When that happens, better contact an arborist to better assess the tree’s condition.

A better option to tree topping is tree pruning as the specialist will be able to just select the right branches to cut to keep it healthy, attractive and safe.

Painting the tree wound can heal the tree. Some people believed that painting a tree after being cutting its branches is good and that it helps the tree to heal faster. But this is not true since trees do not repair the damage but they create a barrier that seals itself from the unhealthy tissue. Painting or placing anything on the cut surface might even hinder the healing process of the tree and might even cause long-term damage.

Pruning branches should be close to the trunk. Cutting a branch too close to the trunk can lead to decay and disease. This can even lead to death especially for young trees. If you are pruning a young tree, make sure to cut a branch just at the base of the branch. When it comes to mature trees, contact a tree pruning service as the process of cutting branches is not an easy process.